Operating Platforms

Equity Associates also provides a complete back office system to support its Partners’ success:

  • Transaction Processing Software
    Winfund software provides all Partners with a secure, Web-based interface for daily transaction and client reporting functions.
  • Client Management Software
    W.Connect software facilitates comprehensive, environmentally-sustainable client registration and account management. W.Connect’s user-friendly interface is detail-oriented and streamlined, providing extensive control and accessibility for our Partners.
  • Partner Services
    A team of highly trained individuals are responsible for solving any problems that arise, to minimize administration time of the Partners.
  • Trade Suitability
    Daily trade supervision is conducted on a 2 tier structure. Partners without an in house Branch Manager will be provided with a designated head office Branch Manager to conduct the first tier of supervision.
  • Paper flow
    Equity Associates has implemented an image work flow system to allow for fast and effective communication between Head Office and our Partners’ offices. This speeds up new account opening approvals and ensures the quality of our data.
  • Client Statements
    Equity Associates sends out annual and quarterly statements, as per our regulatory responsibility.

Ownership with Control

As an owner of the firm you, control your destiny. At Equity Associates, sale of the company requires the approval of 75% of our Partners. This provision gives Partners the long-term stability they need to grow their business with confidence.

Our Business Is Your Success

At Equity Associates Inc., we believe that exceptional Financial Advisors achieve greatest results when they control their own destiny