Equity Associates Attracts and Rewards Success

Equity Associates operates under a 100% commission payout model. Our Partners receive the full value of their commissions in exchange for a fixed payout. The fixed payout will not increase as your business and your commissions grow; your success will always reward you, first and foremost.

Our fixed payout model rewards large and established Financial Advisors, ensuring that our dealership thrives with a strong foundation of experience, knowledge, and personal drive.

All MFDA and Regulatory fees are charged back at cost, guaranteeing that your compliance will never cost you more than the minimum.

Ownership with Control

Our founding Advisors are Partners and owners of the firm.  These like minded Partners have a special voting provision stipulating that 75% of them need to approve any sale of the Company. This provision gives all Advisors and Partners the long-term stability they need to grow their business with confidence.

Our Business Is Your Success

At Equity Associates Inc., we believe that exceptional Financial Advisors achieve greatest results when they control their own destiny