Our Difference

Advisor Centric Structure

We foster Advisor independence and control by implementing:

  • Partner Ownership – Our Founding Advisors are owners. Sale of the company requires 75% Partner approval.
  • Fixed Payout Model – Advisors receive the full value of their commissions in exchange for a monthly fixed payout which will not increase as your business grows.
  • Board Representation – Two Partners can be elected to the Board of Directors to represent the needs of all Partners and Advisors.
  • Full Advisor Support – Our Partner Relations department is staffed by experienced managers who can immediately respond to the majority of your inquiries. If additional information is required from another department, our Partner Relations manager will get back to you personally with that response. No need to worry about playing telephone tag or getting lost between departments. Our single point of contact system has been designed to support our busy Advisors.
  • Full Compliance Support – Our compliance team is knowledgeable and always ready to provide support, suggestions and recommendations both before and after trades are placed. We encourage all of our Advisors to call us first – before you have the client meeting or initiate client paperwork.
  • Full Transition Support – We offer full transition support to our new Advisors, including client transfer, license transfer and back office training. Your entire transition will be handled by a dedicated individual to ensure that all aspects of your transfer are handled as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Strong, Experienced Leadership

Bob Goodish, CEO brings over 22 years of senior management experience in the mutual funds industry and mutual fund dealerships. Bob’s innovative, shareholder-oriented approach to mutual fund dealerships pioneers a structure of stability and control, ensuring that the needs of Partners are consistently met.

Our Business Is Your Success

When you join Equity Associates Inc. you control your
future and ensure your independence.